Germany's most musically authentic  FOREIGNER Tribute Act.


... performs the greatest hits of the rock legend  FOREIGNER – live on stage!

The eight-member formation thrills the audience with a Foreigner show in a class of its own. "Juke Box Hero", "Urgent", "Cold as Ice", "I Want to Know What Love Is" – naturally all the great classics of the British-American rock band can be expected by the spectator.

The musicians of COLD AS ICE have made it their mission to take the listener on a journey through time. Almost four decades of music history come alive again!

A MUST for all  FOREIGNER fans!


The press about COLD AS ICE:

"A tribute band stands and falls with its lead singer - and this one was on top of his game. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Lou Gramm is an immensely demanding task, but Wagner mastered it with flying colors. He sang almost like the original. On top of this, his pleasant demeanor cast a cold-as-ice spell over the fans." [Die Rheinpfalz, 27 Jan 2024]

"The nine-member band fully lived up to its reputation as "Germany's most musically authentic Foreigner tribute act" at its premiere in the Wollfabrik. Wagner can definitely measure up to Foreigner veteran Lou Gramm and his no less brilliant successor Kelly Hansen (since 2005)." [Schwetzinger Zeitung, 5 Nov 2018]

"Very close to the original [...] The Foreigner tribute act "COLD AS ICE" did a really good job. [...] The audience was all enthusiastic about the powerful show." [HNA - Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine, 11 Jun 2019]

"It's hard to get more impact on the audience. "COLD AS ICE? Rather "Hot as Fire" tonight!" [Die Rheinpfalz, 7 Mar 2022]

"Lead singer Wagner actually succeeded in filling the shoes of Lou Gramm." [...] "COLD AS ICE from K-town impressively revived four decades of rock music history, full of passion and proficiency, and were consistently rewarded with long-lasting ovations as well as joy-beaming faces of their fans." [Die Rheinpfalz / Pit Schneider, Pirmasens, 7 Dec 2019]

"Perfectly fine-tuned through countless gigs, the band from the "Lauter" picked up their fans directly by the collar. To do so, of course, it takes instrumental skill, joy of playing and a high degree of authenticity. Cold as Ice do provide all of this." [Die Rheinpfalz, 11 Jul 2022]

"Foreigner's sound was characterized by the band's mastermind Mick Jones and vocalist Lou Gramm. It's hard to match the latter's voice and vocal technique, but "Cold as Ice" lead singer Thomas Wagner pulls it off brilliantly." [Pirmasenser Zeitung, 7 Dec 2019]

"The claim to be "Germany's most musically authentic Foreigner tribute act" is by no means exaggerated by the K-town tribute band Cold as Ice. The multi-member line-up thrilled their audience with authentically interpreted classics of the British-American rock band Foreigner [...] with a lot of joy in performing, sonic opulence, and a frenetic audience." [Die Rheinpfalz, 3 Apr 2018]

"The tribute band "Cold as Ice" from Kaiserslautern is an excellent legacy keeper of the classic rock flagship "Foreigner". [...] Singer Thomas Wagner thrilled with a very authentic, fascinating performance and a charming charisma." [Die Rheinpfalz, 9 Dec 2017]

"To step into the shoes of a world-class singer like Lou Gramm is not easy. Thomas Wagner has been taking on this challenge since 2012 and passed it with flying colors on Thursday night at the Z1" [Die Rheinpfalz, 4 Jun 2016]

"Almost four decades of music history were presented vividly, with instrumental skill and great joy in performing. Their own claim to be Germany's most musically authentic Foreigner tribute act does not seem to be exaggerated: This was quite great theater for the ears." [Die Rheinpfalz, 4 Jun 2016]

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COLD AS ICE are ...


Fri, 05 July 2024

Zweibr├╝cken Ingobertusfest



Do, 25 July 2024

Bernkastel-Kues Sommerbühne



Fri, 02 August 2024

Bonn Rheinaue


Parkrestaurant RHEINAUE

Sat, 17 August 2024




Sat, 31 August 2024




Sat, 16 November 2024

Kantine Kön



Sat, 04 January 2025

Duisburg Steinhof



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COLD AS ICE - live video

recorded at the NAHETAL-ARENA in Gensingen 2014

COLD AS ICE - live photos

Friday, 31. March 2023: Zeche Bochum

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